Tyco's Treats - Homemade natural pet treats

Hi Tyco, Our dog Chappie has been trying to hack into the email to tell your treats are the best and he’d very much like to come and live with you as we are too useless to make him any.  He LOVED them.  Thanks Liz.

Hey Tyco my five dogs are all loving the treats and they are really good for training, thanks Tyco :).  Paul

Hi Tyco,  My girlfriend's dog looks forward to my weekly visits with your Cheese & Apple Muffins (I am now known as the Muffin Man).  You should see the looks I get if I turn up without some.  P

Hi Tyco, the party bags went down a treat!!  Thanks Thea.

Hi Tyco, just wanted to say i was so impressed with the gift bowl set i bought off you. Brilliant value for money and Keana loved it, as for the treats they have worked wonders in teaching her simple commands. Highly recommend the treats and certainly will be buying again. Long live Tyco's treats! ps. Keana said you are very cute xx   Marie

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